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Every cat, whether short- or long-haired will require some combing and brushing to get rid of those loose hairs. Please check. The vet will recommend products, and a flea and tick collar can also be useful but they will need to be renewed quite frequently. While the disease is usually found in older cats, there is also a juvenile form that affects younger cats, and often young Ragdolls.

A good diet can help to keep teeth healthy. AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 148 of 191; Height: 9-11.5 inches; Weight: 7-10 pounds; Life Expectancy: 12-15 years; Group: Toy Group; The Affenpinscher: loyal, curious, and famously amusing; this almost-human toy dog is fearless out of all proportion to his size. It is considered to be one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats, but it was not until about 20 years ago that they were first declared a true breed. That is why it is so important that children be taught kindness and gentleness with animals like the Ragdoll and not to take advantage of its good nature. In general, the maximum number of pet/animals which may accompany the owner or an authorized person during a single flight shall not exceed five (5) (including other hold items such as baggage and special equipment). The above prices apply for online bookings, as well as bookings through the AEGEAN Call Center, for AEGEAN and Olympic Air operated flights only. If you have an aquarium or pond, consider protecting it from this curious cat with fishing paws. The passenger is responsible to provide a container. Passengers travelling with a pet in cabin must be seated on any window seat, not in the first row or the emergency exit row and the adjacent ones.

The Aegean is a medium sized, strong cat with a muscular build covered with a semi-long coating of white, black, red, blue, or cream hair. Earn miles when flying or using our partners’ services, Redeem miles for award flights, seat upgrades and services from our growing list of partners, Enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts from our partners, Get advantage of more privileges as you move to higher tiers. The feet are medium sized as well and with round-shaped fluffy paws. Speak to your vet if you aren’t sure how to feed your cat.

Off. The IRCA still exists, but another pair developed the Ragdoll standard that is accepted by major cat registries. White is one of its main colors covering up most of the body. Their name is pronounced “ih-jee-uhn”. Area of Origin: Greece Similar Breeds: Turkish Van, Angora, American Wirehair. Passengers should have a correctly sized container for transporting larger animals in the aircraft hold. Life Span: Approximately 10 years Coloring: Bicolor or tricolor white, black, red, blue, cream, with or without tabby striping. The Greek Cat Fancier Club was established in the early 1990s. This is so you know where to go if your pet becomes ill, he requires his first vaccines or there is a medical emergency where he needs to see someone immediately. There was one litter where the kittens with a docile temperament, seemed to go limp when picked up. The beautiful Ragdoll cat is a large, heavy-boned cat. The Aegean is friendly, loving and social and he will get on well with children and animals in the home. You may be able to set up an area especially for your cat to climb and play around. The vaccination should be valid and in effect when travelling and with minimum days of 21 since last shot.

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