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Many times, areca palms are self-cleaning and dead fronds fall from the tree without the need for pruning. You may need a saw to remove larger canes. The plant produces clumps of yellow offshoots at the base. Abundant regrowth over summer may warrant a secondary trimming in fall to clean up the look of the areca palm and remove any hazardous fronds before growth drastically slows across the cooler winter months.

Any frost damage sustained in winter should be pruned away in spring when there is no risk of further cold weather snaps. Make pruning cuts as close to ground level as possible, or to the dense root and stem mass at the plant base. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! You can prune the fronds from an areca palm to help all the leaves get enough light. Dead fronds result from inadequate light; cut the fronds and more to a brighter area. It has naturalized in places like Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Aphids, mites, mealy bugs, scale and whitefly may attack; treat with insecticidal soap. You can DIY it by mixing 40% garden soil, with 20% cocopeat, compost, and sand each. Prune off yellow leaves from the plant. Die Wedel einer 1,6 m hohen Areca-Palme können eine Länge von 90 bis 130 cm erreichen und sind in zahlreiche, steife, schwach glänzende, gelblichgrün gefärbte Fiederpaare unterteilt. This indoor houseplant not only brightens up the interior, but also cleanses the surrounding air by absorbing toxic elements like xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene. Pruning of an areca palm centers on occasional removal of trunks and suckering sprouts/stems from the base of the clump, according to the Learn2Grow plant database. Fronds showing any type of green are still giving nutrients to the entire tree. Avoid fertilizing the plant in winters. For this reason and because they do well when under-potted, they are unlikely to need repotting. You can keep it at the south-east window indoors. Im Winter wird die Areca Palme spärlicher gegossen und nicht mehr gedüngt. If trimming more than one plant, disinfect the clippers or saw between plants with dilute bleach; rinse well.

Die Areca Palme mag es, wenn Sie sie im Winter etwas kühler stellen. Die Areca-Palme bildet zahlreiche, rohrähnliche Stämme, die sich buschig verzweigen und an 70 cm langen, gefurchten und gelblichorangerot gefärbten Stielen leicht gebogene Wedel tragen. Professional Tip: You should only trim fronds off any type of palm when they are completely brown and dead. Tipps. Yellowing or declining palms result from leaf-spotting fungi attacks and a generally short lifespan. Stressed plants from drought or alkaline soils often grow more slowly, with fewer sprouting trunks, and with unsightly yellowed fronds. Purchase the seeds from a local seed supplier or nursery and soak them in lukewarm water overnight. Once you’ve determined that a cane is dead, prune the palm. The areca palm can be trimmed anytime of the year in tropical landscapes, but early to mid-spring is best since it is just prior to the natural emerging growth of fronds in the warm months of spring and summer.

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