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Refs. The hybrid stress finite element method is used to study the effects of filament angle and orthotropicity parameter on the vibration and flutter characteristics of cantilevered anisotropic plates. The initial postbuckling analysis indicates that, like compressed circular cylinders, the oval cylinders will be highly sensitive to small geometrical imperfections and may buckle at loads well below the predictions for the perfect shell. The results elucidate unique and important characteristics of delamination crack-tip response and interlaminar stress transfer mechanisms. It is shown from this analysis that the determination of the nearly constant pressure (base pressure) prevailing within the near wake is really the heart of the problem and this pressure can only be determined from these interactive considerations. The solution of (a) has been obtained by Rivlin and Thomas [1]¹ by solving simultaneously a set of differential equations numerically. The majority of the papers published the journal are full length articles of considerable depth. The problem is solved for a finite crack and extensive results are given for the stress intensity factors. On the Equivalence of the Incremental Harmonic Balance Method and the Harmonic Balance-Newton Raphson Method. © 1996-2020 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CEUs:   The procedure developed explains the switching of constraints with time as a result of the change in the contacting areas at the gear teeth.
The plates are assumed to have rectangular geometry and an antisymmetric lamination with respect to the middle plane. A procedure for deriving nondimensional parameters and equations for bifurcation buckling of anisotropic shallow shells subjected to combined loads is presented. Each of these three theories is then specialized for a conical geometry and solved by the method of characteristics for the case of a longitudinal impact. The results indicate a generally strong lack of monotonic dependence on filament angle. The analysis employs a hybrid-stress finite-element method including a crack-tip singular element with its field variables expressed by Muskhelishvili's complex stress functions. Each of the plate variables is decomposed into symmetric and antisymmetric components in the thickness direction, and is expressed in terms of a double Fourier series in the Cartesian surface coordinates. Finally, by eliminating all the radial effects in this latter theory, a simple theory incorporating only longitudinal effects is obtained. A class of axially symmetric problems, concerning a highly elastic, circular rubber sheet with (a) a centered circular hole, (b) a rigid circular inclusion under outward radial loading at outer boundary, and (c) a rigid outer boundary and a concentric hole under inward radial loading around the hole, is solved. Also, the natural frequency in certain cases involving the first few modes, can become relatively insensitive to both filament angle and orthotropicity parameter for a range of filament angle beyond 70 deg. The plane motion of two rigid, straight articulated pipes conveying fluid is examined. Near the critical load for the system, a small increment in load amplitude results in a large increase in amplitude of the response. This is accomplished by relating the increments to the thickness of the diffusion layer.

Sorry, there are no available spots for this course. Finally, an expression for the effective rigidity modulus of wire ropes with fibrous core is obtained in terms of the helix angle and the number of helical wires in the rope for each of the two end conditions. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see interviews with our Journal Editors discussing their research and vision for their journal.

The problem of subharmonic liquid response in a container subjected to vertical (axial) excitation has been solved to the first approximation by the method of perturbation, employing characteristic functions. Values of critical dynamic pressure are obtained by a modal approach, in which the mode shapes are obtained by the hybrid stress method. It is found that the point of reattachment behaves as a saddle point singularity for the system of equations describing the viscous recompression process.

With the aid of numerical examples, merits of the approximations proposed previously as well as of those developed in this paper have been compared. We’re happy to hear from you! The model is implemented in a finite-element code, and the computed and experimental results are compared for several orientations and loading conditions. The purpose of the Journal of Applied Mechanics is to serve as a vehicle for the communication of original research results of permanent interest in all branches of mechanics. Selected results are presented for shear buckling of balanced symmetric laminated shells that illustrate the usefulness of the nondimensional parameters.

One-Dimensional Transient Waves in Anisotropic Plates. The axisymmetric problem of a line load acting along the axis of a semiinfinite elastic solid is solved using Hankel transforms. ASME continuously publishes special issues in emerging areas. Asymptotic Formulas for the Buckling Stresses of Axially Compressed Cylinders With Localized or Random Axisymmetric Imperfections, Buckling of axially compressed circular cylindrical shells with localized or random axisymmetric imperfections, deriving asymptotic approximation formulas for stress calculation, Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Gear Trains/Transmissions: An Automated Approach. Radial vibrations of hollow elastic sphere in acoustic medium, considering Laplace transform of field equations with respect to time, Dynamic response of infinite cylindrical shell subjected to arbitrary time and space dependent forcing function in acoustic medium, Dynamic Response of a Semi-Infinite Elastic Cylinder Containing an Acoustic Medium. PDHs: The purpose of the Journal of Applied Mechanics is to serve as a vehicle for the communication of original research results of permanent interest in all branches of mechanics. A Published: January, March, May, July, September, November A conclusion drawn from the present and the previous studies is that the point process approach produces a number of useful approximations for the first-excursion probability, particularly those based on the concepts of the Markov process, the clump-size, and the nonapproaching random points. First, the Donnell-Mushtari- Vlasov equations governing buckling of symmetrically laminated doubly curved thin elastic shallow shells are presented. Copyright © 2020 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, This site uses cookies. The conservation laws for a plane fluid flow were simplified by the weak wave approximations valid for sonic boom-type waves and applied to afield of mesh points, utilizing the "artificial viscosity" concept for numerical stability. A criterion is proposed which provides a priori means of choosing increments in the independent variables for effecting accurate finite-difference solutions to parabolic partial-differential equations. The purpose of the Journal of Applied Mechanics is to serve as a vehicle for the communication of original research results of permanent interest in all branches of mechanics. Sales Policy Another important format is the Brief Note, which is intended to serve as a means for the rapid communication of recent developments in an abridged form. Subscriptions currently include the years 2000 - present. Transient Axisymmetric Motions of a Conical Bar. When the system can also admit loss of stability by static buckling or by flutter, it is found that the presence of small periodic disturbances constitutes a destabilizing effect. Discussion of a new aspect in the behavior of a cantilevered beam on an elastic foundation subjected to a follower force at its free end. Sorry, there are no available spots for this course. {{activeProduct.CurrencySymbol}}{{ formatPrice(activeProduct.ListPrice) }}, {{activeProduct.CurrencySymbol}}{{ formatPrice(activeProduct.ListPriceSale) }}, {{activeProduct.CurrencySymbol}}{{ formatPrice(activeProduct.MemberPrice) }}, {{activeProduct.CurrencySymbol}}{{ formatPrice(activeProduct.MemberPriceSale) }}. This paper develops closed-form solutions for the extension of twisted wire ropes with fibrous cores which are subjected to axial forces as well as axial moments.

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