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average cycling speed hilly terrain

I do a few rides, hilly, flat, a mixture of both. I wouldn't get hung up on it just enjoy the ride. The drop of speed on a mountainous environment compared to a flat one is much steeper for an ordinary biker than it is for a professional. A time trial bike in a very aero position can add an extra 3-4 km/h (see: Passing traffic on dual carriageways can add an extra 2-3 km/h, Very smooth roads – smooth tarmac can add an extra 1 km/h, In a 10 mile time trial, with a tailwind of 20mph, I once averaged 56km/h. opportunity for cyclists of comparable skill-levels or aspirations to ride But, for the sake of sensibility, if we were to hold everything constant, these would be the average biking times over a mile for the average person: –.

Bicycle Universe is compensated for referring traffic and business to these sources. The patented RackStand offers cargo carrying capacity and has a built in fender, acts as a kickstand, and serves as a stand for the folded bike. The front and rear handbrakes let you command your comfort bike to a sudden stop on any type of terrain. But I believe these rides are more the exception than the rule. The overall average speed for the entire ride will Average speed varies to an extent with distance covered.

fall between 15 and 17 MPH.

As we can see there is no real or accurate answer to this question, there can only be estimates which may differ enormously depending on a large number of factors. What Factors Cause Variations in Time taken to Bike a Mile? All tires were inflated to 80psi.

Hello Andrew P, I was reassured by Mark's number re average speed. order to maintain the integrity of this classification, riders should avoid The Tour de France riders achieve 25 miles per hour over 125 miles, but that is very much due to the large size of the peloton (group of cyclists). This is particularly important when the size of Bearing in mind all the provisos above, you still want to know the 'average cycling speed? Hi Tejvan done the first couple reliability rides, there more like road races these days! Once we know this, we can calculate that at 60RPM you’ll be travelling at …

Average Speed of a Gran Fondo or Century (100 miles) The average speed of a Gran Fondo or a Century is very dependant on how hilly the terrain is.

conversely, a bike with knobby tires might be slower on tarmac yet prove to be more than suitable for rough terrain with slippery ascents and descents. Orbea Gain vs the Cervelos: This was my first time riding an e-bike any longer than around the block, and I’ll confess I had a huge smile on my face during my entire ride.

Thanks for this website, I love reading it!

Did you know REI & REI Co-op have a Bike Sale and Clearance? ... you'll probably have to work a little harder to stay with the group. I believe the tri bike will be the fastest for the Dump Loop, taking 58min to an hour at this power output. The group will stop for flat tires and other mechanical Into the headwind on the return, I averaged 36 km/h. Get a bike, lose the car, help the environment. Complete a lap on each bike while regulating power to keep the effort consistent. I did find that I climbed much better than those on the TT bikes, but the flats and downhills those on TT bikes surpassed me. Knowing that I’d still be able to slot into a club ride and find it reasonable! I tried to keep my effort to 200w on the flats, 240w on modest climbs, and up to 280w on the steepest climbs. improve endurance, speed and get fitter. Their muscles are strong enough to generate a high energy output as they pedal, propelling the bike faster for longer periods of time. At one point on the flat through and off I saw 42mph…. the size of a large group. Depends on the type of rider you are. strives to maintain high training speeds over moderate distances and maintain

Train! Furthermore, if it has been raining all day and the ground is muddy or slippery; negotiating this may take you more time to bike a mile compared to when the weather is sunny and the ground is dry and more stable. Cyclist age is important, but often less so than the number of years experience that the cyclist has. I also live in Dorset, though on Wiltshire/Dorset border, and the it is alos hilly. Rider Classification  (Weekday Training), 21+ mph average on flat That equates to a 4.1-4.3km/h climbing speed at 60rpm, which is about the slowest you can go without losing your balance. Older riders will usually be less strong at fast sprints or bursts up short hills, but very good at maintaining steady speed over longer distances. Great write up, very interesting.

This shows the technology of Chris Boardman’s super aero position, added an extra 6 km/h on to his speed. For less mountainous cyclo sportives, you will find higher average speed. This is because gravity will be on your side and there will be little need to waste your energy cycling hard, in fact in many situations it may be that you are freewheeling, requiring little or no energy from you, but possibly a lot of concentration though. 12 to 14 mph average on very hilly terrain, 12 to 15 mph average on flat terrain

You will tend to get fatigued more easily and this will affect your stamina over any distance. I am also going to consider the various factors that affect your riding speed and hence the time taken to cover this distance. Travis Woodruff, an elite cycling coach, recommends all riders, regardless of ability level, use a compact … will sprint to be the first to reach start/stop location.

The “Dump Loop” is a 17.5 mile continuous loop in the North End of Boise with 1,450 ft of climbing. The Cervelos used the same rear wheel. The highest I usually get is high 50s which is just under where you are at (61 feet of climb per mile) and that knocks between 1 and 1.5 mph off my average. Contrary to this though, it could also mean that you are barely gaining any speed as you battle with the horrible headwinds that are pushing against. The record for a 100 mile time trial is close to 3 hours 20 – around 48 km/h. Segment #3 is the longest segment of punchy climbs that takes you behind Hidden Springs and eventually descends back to the Bogus Basin Road and Hill Road. It’s hard to imagine trying to break the London – Edinburgh record by riding up the A1. But if you are overweight yourself, saving a kilo on the bike will make a smaller difference. You have not established how much distance you are going to be covering and it shouldn’t matter how long the first mile lasts. If you can average 30-32 km/h in training on your own, you should be fine to enter 3/4th cat road races.

You will also see that a range of factors come into play as far as the biking speed is concerned, and this also affects the eventual time taken to cover any distance.

- I’ll test the P5 and S5 again, but this time test the S5 in a ‘race optimized’ position: meaning I’ll utilize the drops the entire lap and descend in the lowest position I can safely maintain. You could possibly double the time you would need (6 to 8 mins) to cover the same mile on hilly terrain. THIS SITE IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY BICYCLE UNIVERSE LLC. You can calculate the slowest you will be able to ride up a hill using gear tables. Cycling in a group - paceline riding - has very significant benefits.

Some areas are naturally and frequently exposed to high winds.

So three and a half hours plus stops, minimum. Usually, the reliability rides involved riding 50 miles in 3 hours. Record the time you take to cover a mile over different terrain, in different circumstances and see if you can improve on your own times in the future, as you get fitter or simply set your time as a benchmark and try to keep to it.

– 16.6 mph, 26.8 km/h.

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