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Results may vary. The treatments are safe and effective for many skin types and will show major improvement to the condition of the skin.

The DermaFrac treatment is performed with Hydrafacial or LED therapy. This procedure is a must-try … There is no downtime associated with the DermaFrac procedure. *Patient results may vary. Your licensed aesthetician can explain the treatment to you in detail and ensure you understand how it works and what it can do to revitalize the skin. But at they get older and become exposed to the sun, and other negative environmental elements, it’s difficult to escape the inevitable damage that’s caused by these factors. YOU CAN ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU’D LIKE AND THERE IS ZERO OBLIGATION. However, DermaFrac involves a skin puncturing process, called micro-needling, that transfers specially selected serums deep within the dermal-epidermal layer of the skin to repair specific damage to the skin, unclog pores and trigger the skin’s natural collagen production. You will receive specific aftercare instructions from your aesthetician. I had no cleavage at all & finding a swimsuit that could conceal this was very difficult. [email protected] This process accelerates collagen production and skin repair. As the serum is absorbed into the body, you can see results of improved, healthier-looking skin! Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover if DermaFrac can help you look and feel your absolute best! Some Dermafrac procedures can be supplemented by Platelet Rich Plasma Infusions. How long does it take to see results from a DermaFrac treatment?You should notice results after the first treatment.To achieve more lasting and prominent results from the DermaFrac treatment it’s recommended that you have 4 to 6 treatments at least 2 to 3 weeks apart. Each serum targets the individual’s specific area of desired improvement; patients can select from Rejuvenating, Hydrating, Clarifying or Lightening. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments – more commonly known as “Vampire Facials” – provide volume, lift, wrinkle-smoothing, and tightening in a 30 minute treatment with no downtime or discomfort. DermaFrac is a non-invasive skin treatment system that uses micro-needling and vacuum to infuse serums deep into the dermal-epidermal layer of the skin to repair the skin to a smoother more youthful texture.

The physician has the ability to control serum penetrates the skin; therefore achieving the maximum results. Pigmentation such as sun damage and freckles, No surgery, incisions, or harsh invasive measures necessary, Patients may resume their normal activities and schedules immediately.

Following them can help you to maximize the results of your treatment. Call the spa at the Waldorf Center to schedule a consultation for DermaFrac™ microneedling in Portland, Oregon, at 503-882-0124 or 1-800-501-6548. This condition causes the skin to appear darker or create age spots, freckles or liver spots. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and discover if DermaFrac may be right for you!

Mircroneedling with simultaneous infusion, it's a fragrance-free, paraben-free, dye-free and medical grade aqueous treatment process that infuses your skin with topical results.

You will be able to explain the look you are seeking and can learn about the various treatment options appropriate for your skin and desired result. Great skin is a natural born benefit that young healthy people maintain effortlessly. I had no cleavage at all & finding a swimsuit that could conceal this was very difficult.

Follow The Waldorf Center online to learn the latest news about beauty in Portland, Oregon. For these common skin problems, there’s a treatment that can make dramatic improvements; DermaFrac, which is a non-invasive treatment that is highly effective at smoothing the skin, evening skin tone and eliminating acne. The DermaFrac™ microneedling device works by using a vacuum that gently pulls the skin up to a handpiece with a roller featuring hundreds of tiny needles. The Waldorf Center, founded by board-certified plastic surgeon Kathleen Waldorf, MD, FACS, is dedicated to providing the highest level of comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery care and spa services in the Northwest areas of Beaverton and Portland, Oregon. The procedure does not involve cutting or bleeding, so patients should not expect to experience pain. You can also inquire about a visit online.

Ready to realize your aesthetic goals of reclaiming youthfulness in your profile? I was displeased with my breast size.

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