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eureka mignon perfetto vs specialita

I am attracted to the noise reduction feature since my MDF wakes up the family every morning. I use a naked PF so removed the fork. Mine is getting shipped in about a week so I don't have any hands in k nowledge yet, but that is how I made my decision.

What are the differences between these types of Eureka Mignon grinders?

Upload or insert images from URL. Conti Valerio srl. Perfetto has 50mm burrs, is tweaked for a wider grinding range, and has a colour coded grind adjuster. Sorry coffee beans - you're fate has been sealed. Programmable based on time, users can program their ideal grind for single and double shots in addition to manual grinders on-demand. The Mignon uses a worm drive. Bilder vom Mahlwerk finden Sie weiter unten auf der Seite. The Specialità has 55mm burrs while the Perfetto has 50mm burrs (as per the eureka website).

Decidedly the staff favorite of the trio, this top of the line grinder offers larger 55m flat steel burrs compared to the 50mm of the Perfetto and Silenzia. Turkish, Moka, Drip, French press, Espresso, you name one and turn the knob of a few degrees and there you have it. Clear editor. Here is a small overview of new features compared to the previous Eureka Mignon MCI and differences between the new mills. Wonderful isn’t it? I've been thinking of buying a Mignon as my first grinder for espresso, and looking at the eureka website have come across three models I've not otherwise seen online; Eureka Silenzio, Perfetto and Specialita. The New Eureka Mignon now comes with a much broader list of specifications (3 versions and 87 different colour combinations).

So, what exactly did they change? I've had some bad experience with kickstarter campaigns in the past, so I'm not sure I want to invest so much money in a product on another crowdfunding platform.

*update - the Eureka Mignon Perfetto has been discontinued as of 2020.

Best have one for espresso and perhaps a hand grinder fro drip......makes a lot more sense, Ahh new to espresso and grinders in general - may have set my hopes too high! Mignon (Silenzio / Perfetto / Specialita) Sign in to follow this .

I also hold the switch down by hand rather than press the PF against it and guage the dose by eye. Do you want convenience of switching back and forth between grind setting or more easily making fine adjustments for espresso? I usually single dose 20g of beans. Hopefully they will forgive us if we get and set the right pictures for the individual models with a time delay.

For context: I am using a Rancilio Silvia machine at home. Posted by 1 year ago. With 50mm flat steel burrs and Eureka’s classic “micro-metric” grind adjustment ergonomically located at the front of the grinder, you’re able to precisely dial in smooth and consistent shots. We stick by them, existing members please familiarise yourselves with them.   Your link has been automatically embedded. About Eureka Mignon MCI vs Specialita vs Silenzia vs Perfetto . As far as I can see there’s only Machina Coffee in the UK currently stocking the Mignon Perfetto. The three new versions are called SILENZIO, PERFETTO and SPECIALITA (there is also the Magnifico, but it has a special position and will therefore be of little importance).

I just went though this myself and ended up ordering a specialita.

Eureka Mignon MCI vs Specialita vs Silenzia vs Perfetto. So 1 timer function at the bottom right and that’s it. I mostly single dose so would typically just use the manual function and run 18g through the grinder. The next two models, called the Eureka Mignon Perfetto and the Eureka Mignon Specialità, both feature a new touch screen and apparently look the same. I highly encourage you to consider the niche zero. Pay Later. Onto the Specialita. New Members:

Die Eureka Mignon einstellen Mahlgradeinstellung Eureka Mignon Perfetto* Die Einstellung der Mignon ist kinderleicht. Pretty much the same machine. ), Get Your Supporter Badge Today (per year), © Copyright, Coffee Forums UK

Took the initiative to email Eureka this morning after posting - got back to me very quickly and apparently they're being shipped out to retailers at the end of January.

Thank you. It’s on indie go go. A Mason Brands, LLC Company. I like my Perfetto alot and it had paired well with my Gaggia Classic Pro. It was such a hit, Eureka chose to expand on it. For so long the Eureka Mignon Instantaneo was the only Mignon around. I am from Austria, so that sounds great. PSA for anyone checking out this thread now, although it's been 6 months since the original post.

I decided with the Perfetto in hopes that I could easily switch between different brewing types. PLUS / Silent Technology / ACE System / Espresso & Brew / ... Eureka 1920. Eureka Mignon SILENZIO/PERFETTO/SPECIALITA: This entry-level model has almost the same functions as the previous Mignon MCI models. Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto vs. Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo, Meet The All New 2020 Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Lelit Bianca | La Pavoni | Niche Zero | Specialità | Comandante. If these two are similarly priced, and the Perfetto can do more than just espresso (I grind for French Press about once a week, espresso every day) is there a reason to go with the Specialita over the Perfetto?

Now you can go even further than the manual timer with two programmable settings via a touchscreen on the new Mignons (minus the Silenzio).

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Eureka Mignon Specialita vs. Perfetto. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Eureka Mignon Perfetto VS Eureka Mignon Specialita Umfassender Vergleich der Kaffeemühlen ☕️ Welche Espresso-Kaffeemühle soll ich kaufen?

After one year we can say that the efforts... You have to love the Rancilio Silvia: a small, simple and affordable coffee machine that brought thousands of amateurs into the espresso coffee world.... Click here to find out when VAT (22%) can be deducted, Francis Francis Ground Coffee Coffee Machines, Francis Francis Iperespresso Coffee Machines, Laboratorio di Torrefazione Giamaica Caffe', COMPETITION SERIES • FILTERS AND SHOWERS OF ACCURACY, Eureka Mignon Perfetto CR Black Electronic Grinder. So if you are a man that loves his morning espresso but your wife prefers French press for breakfast, this is the coffee grinder to go for. Ever since their release, the Specialita and Perfetto from Italian grinder manufacturer extraordinaire Eureka have been a massive hit here in the States.

This is pretty standard for Eureka as they make the quietest domestic grinder we've ever come across in the Atom.

Paired with Krups GVX231. The most common gripe on it, however, has been the hopper - beans tend to get stuck on the sides prompting a quick nudge or flick of the hopper to release them. Eureka Mignon Specialità or Eureka Mignon Perfetto: which one should you choose? Materials and colours equally varied for all models, sieve support fork NOT height adjustable (can be purchased as an option), Handsfree function – sieve support can be hooked in during grinding, 1 timer function and manual operation option, Normal degree of grinding top right in black, Height-adjustable sieve support fork with magnetic attachment function, 1 and 2 timer function on digital TFT display with touch function, Easy Setting with the coloured degree of grinding at the top right. Like the Eureka Mignon Perfetto, it also comes with a digital touch screen display, offering two programmable modes, plus a continuous mode and a lock feature. Once again the key feature for many home coffee enthusiasts is kitchen worktop space.

Die Eureka Mignon Silenzio ist eine hervorragende Wahl für den Einstieg in die Welt des richtig guten Espressos. I cannot see them being able to switch from drip to espresso, after all, what can apart from high end machines designed to do so. Archived. Specialita has 55mm burrs & the LCD. Die drei neuen Versionen heißen SILENZIO, PERFETTO und SPECIALITA(daneben gibt es noch die Magnifico, die aber eine Sonderstellung hat und daher eher keine große Bedeutung haben wird). My current grinder is a Graef CM 800 (130€) but I am fed up with how loud it is and how much coffee it retains.

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