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In other words, make sure the kids are old enough to respect these large dogs.

The family-friendly Huskimo is a mix between the Siberian Husky and American Eskimo.

Their coat can be any combination of red, sable, white, black, or grey along with markings that are various shades of brown, from light creams to darker tones. Needless to say, these dogs have a strong need for exercise, both mental and physical, in order to be happy and well-behaved. That’s where designer dogs – rare and popular – come in. They are intelligent and active with a thick coat that may be all white or having husky markings. Of course, the Siberian Pinscher will inherit the physical prowess and strength from the Doberman side. Whilst he is described as outgoing, mischievous and loyal, he is not particularly protective, and would welcome strangers into the family home without a second thought. They’re a penchant for obedience and are highly energetic doggos. This Husky Mastiff mix is a very large and very energetic breed, making them an option only for owners who have the time and space to accommodate this pup’s needs. As both parent breeds were bred in cold climate, these don’t won’t enjoy being placed in a hot region. So, they appreciate having the chance to be active with families that love hikes or other activities. Mix the two and you have a large-sized, hard-working and extremely bright Chusky. And while they can be sensitive around children, they do better in families with older kids who understand how to interact with them properly. While they make excellent family dogs, their stubborn and willful demeanor at times make them better for experienced trainers. Newfies are the larger parent of the Newfoundland Malamute mix, so they’re mostly bigger than Mals. Or, just tell us which was your favorite Husky hybrid! They may be stubborn, so training should be a consistent part of any Pitsky owner’s routine. Like any mixed breed with working dog parents, this fido will love a good challenge and being on the move. Sounds like a great dog David! Hence, the endless energy, endurance and strength. In looks, it resembles a wolf more than a dog. The German Shepherd Malamute mix, also known as the Alaskan Shepherd, is a powerfully built dog whose genetic lines go back thousands of years.

Alusky is not much for barking and his not just suited to use as guard dogs. Maybe it’ll catch on! Both parent breeds are known to pack some serious brains, and it shows in this hybrid breed. Properly trained Malanees dogs can be a great addition to any household with small children. One parent was bred to herd all day, while the other was bred to pull sleds for weeks. So it’s fairly easy to predict their personalities.

If a needy dog isn’t an issue, then one of these Malamute mixes is perfect for you. But since most breeders who offer Alaskan Malamutes have more purebreds, so your best bet in finding the Malamute mix you want are these websites and shelters: Most Malamute mixed breeds are suitable for families, but each one has specific needs from their humans and care requirements. They get along well with any guests or strangers, and they are quite friendly with people. A reputable breeder will focus on their breeding stock and pups’ welfare instead of making a profit. Just make sure that interactions are supervised to avoid accidents. Thanks to their unwavering loyalty, they’ll also have your back.


They are grrr-ate ! While the Siberian Husky is rather energetic and can be destructive if left to their own devices, that hasn’t stopped people from looking at different ways to introduce this breed and mix it with others. On top of that, they have near boundless energy, being the result of combining two lively breeds: the Jack Russell Terrier and the Siberian Husky. The St. Bernard Malamute mix might be challenging to train, so they’re better off with experienced owners who can give them lots of time and attention. Despite these misleading images, the Pomsky was suddenly in high-demand and Designer Dog breeders were happy to oblige! This hybrid does particularly well with children but should be monitored when introducing them to other dogs. But with grooming, expect to spend a great deal of time cleaning up after their loose fur – especially during shedding season twice a year! And when it comes to appearance, there is some room for variation. This mix is ideal for families with children that are willing to meet the Huskimo’s exercise demands and preferably have experience owning and training stubborn breeds. It’s still important to socialize a Beaski early on to make sure they get along with children or other pets. With early socialization and proper training, the Horgi does well with children and is welcoming to visitors, making this adorable mix an ideal family companion. If this healthy dynamic is achieved, the Gerberian Shepsky will prove to be a committed and doting companion. It is painful and can lead to paralysis in later life. There will be variation in height, especially in male Siberian Cockers. The Husky is one of the silliest pooches in the canine kingdom, and he always loves to play and make friends. The Belusky is the stunning combination of the Belgian Malinois with the Siberian Husky. Like many Malamute crosses, you’ll have to groom this doggo often to keep shedding under control. Just like the Golden Retriever, Alaskan Goldens are also patient and loving. Both of his parents have similar colors and coat markings, so it is likely that his coat will be white, with gray, silver, sable, red or blue thrown into the mix. This should be considered when thinking of adopting a Siberpoo.

Their striking eyes and eager to please attitudes are attractive to many potential dog owners. This breed, like many on this list, can exhibit willfulness which can make it difficult to train and handle them.

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