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rexroth hydraulic pump troubleshooting

Many reservoirs do not have heaters, particularly in the South. When the new pump also did not build pressure, the manual valve in the outlet line was closed to isolate the pump from the system. Unit arrived as customer complained machine down on power when it warms up. Each component in the system must be compatible with and form an integral part of the system. The Right Seal Reduces Contamination in Hydraulic Systems, Modeling Pressure Changes in Hydraulic Systems, Solenoid-Operated PTFE Media Isolation & Pinch Valves. If nothing conclusive was revealed, I would continue the process of elimination using a flow-tester to conduct a direct pump test. 1. c. Be sure that any tubing or piping which carries cooling water inside the air space of the reservoir enters and leaves below the oil level, so water cannot condense on it. Sign up for Hydraulics & Pneumatics eNewsletters. Case drain — Another important consideration in these circuits is case drain pressure, which is usually in the range of 5 psi. In order for the 'obvious' to be obvious, the fundamental laws of hydraulics must be kept in mind. As the air bubbles collapse, damage is caused inside the pump. The engineers blocked off most of the hydraulic oil section of the cooler and ran the test again. A system with this problem may operate normally the first few hours after start-up, then gradually slow down as the oil gets overheated. If abrasives are present, they will settle out of a sample drawn from the reservoir if it is allowed to stand an hour or so. To illustrate the above point, consider this example: In the quest for improved fuel consumption, the manufacturer of an engine-powered, mobile hydraulic machine replaced its fixed-displacement pump powering the machine’s attachment with a variable-displacement unit. 2.

RE-A 92053/11.2015, Bosch Rexroth AG Axial piston variable pump | AA4VSO Series 10, 11 and 30 Hydraulic fluid 3 Hydraulic fluid Prior to project planning, please refer to the detailed informa-tion in our data sheet 90223 (HF hydraulic fluids) concerning the choice of hydraulic … Don’t just do it because you have a spare one in stock. Is the pump shaft rotating? hbspt.cta.load(3951034, 'c99217f3-09e7-4751-bc3a-7739dac44a0e', {}); Al Smiley is the president of GPM Hydraulic Consulting Inc., located in Monroe, Georgia. Download Data Sheet . The maintenance staff recently reported that the pump (piston-type) had failed - for reasons unknown at this time. It is possible that the casting may originally have been defective but this has rarely turned out to be the problem.

hbspt.cta.load(3951034, 'bb3fecaa-c9e3-4bb0-9db8-2b7f74db7f31', {}); A bad shaft seal can also cause aeration if the system is supplied by one or more fixed displacement pumps. Reversed leads on a 3-phase motor are the commonest cause for wrong rotation.

Leakage Around the Shaft. All profits made from the book will be donated to support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), including programs such as NFPA’s Fluid Power Challenge. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented.

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