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In order to establish a self-sustaining spawning stock, EGBSC estimated that Walleye fingerlings would need to be stocked for three to four years following restoration of the chutes. Existing spawning habitat on the Moon River is limited by size and quality, but it shows that it can support a large spawning population and support a remnant population over the long-term. EGBSC carried out Walleye surveys to track Walleye movement at the site.

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Some of the best fishing is right near Diamond Key, so you do not have to travel far for your catch. Still can't ...more believe my scale was dead.

Policy for Northern Pike: I know one good hole & there are usually boats there fishing for them down deep & I have seen them take many up to 17 pounds this way. Details: Lake Trout with a lure (spoons) At Diamond Key, we are lucky to catch many trophy sized fish.

P.O. She seemed really into it, because Policy for Muskie: she peppered me with fish curry so many other lakes, too, to fish in such

There seem to be only a few camps in this area and look more like family resorts.

The EGBSC would like to thank the following partners of the project: Tadenac Fishing Club, Chantler Barging and COA. EGBSC successfully obtained $4,500 from the Canada-Ontario Agreement (COA) fund. EGBSC captured five Walleye and implanted radio transmitters to see if Walleye were able to bypass the first set of rapids. There are few places quite as diverse as Georgian Bay in North America, with plenty of prized fish calling these waters home.

I believe there are are few of them still spawning in this area in so much I have caught one in the past. Let out only fifty feet of line or no more than seventy five feet & hold your rod tip to the water & hold your rod in one hand while you steer & operate the motor with the other hand. There is nothing like flying by a rocky point at an arms length on one side of your boat and then seeing the submerged rock 3 ft from the other. Archery,

He reel said it was a really beautiful fish. Walleye were once abundant in Eastern Georgian Bay, with well-known and thriving stocks that spawned at Moon River and Severn River (Port Severn). I do not know what the name of the lodge at Dallas Rapids is but it is usually booked for the yearly run anyway.


They are thirty five square miles & surrounded by dangerous shoals & storms are really bad out there at times. Take a picture & release unharmed for sure.

The Bustard Islands are fabulous for night time pickerel trolling also but I have never been out there. From 1968 to 1970, the Moon River Walleye spawning population was estimated at between 24,000 and 30,000 fish.

What many Stuart got not one plaice but two. Policy for Walleye:

Over 1100 metric tons of rock was imported for the enhancement project. The largest tributary is Shuberts Creek, which enters the lake on the northwest... Lake Simcoe is a lake in southern Ontario, Canada, the fourth-largest lake wholly in the province, after Lake Nipigon, Lac Seul, and Lake Nipissing. The Moon River Walleye fishery has a long history and its reputation as a trophy Walleye fishery is almost ‘legend’ amongst anglers in the Province of Ontario. The surrounding land was owned exclusively by the Tadenac Fishing Club. I fish out of the key river to the French almost every weekend I have a trailer site at key marina if your looking to catch walleye out there any of the channels or back bay just drag a worm harness perferably a northland crawler haul perch color with a float behind a bottom bouncer you should have no trouble catching them I had a few 60 fish days last summer and never had a day without getting my limit. try on the ofc forum.

Both of these knots can be found in fly fishing magazines. Big Georgian Bay Yellow Pickerel Will Chase Down A Seven Inch Silver & Black Floating Rapala Trolled Slowly At Night Fifty Feet Behind Your Boat & Literally Knock The Hell Out Of It & Try To Yank Your Rod Right Out Of Your Hand. Overall, Walleye populations in Eastern Georgian Bay are below average when compared with Northern Ontario and slightly above average than Southern Ontario. will be open because the incumbents are seeking higher office.

also trolls smooth as it is the same motor as the 9.9 with bigger carb. Sunny sky, no wind, clear water.This thing was a fatty!

fishery, we have implemented a catch and release policy on trophy sized fish.

I prefer my twelve foot Lund & 9.9. Change ).

Higher genetic diversity can help to improve resilience of a population to environmental changes.

We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. 1. It's in the French River delta area. Seven steps were identified in order to complete the project.

Some fishermen put a trolling motor bracket on the transom of their big boat & use this motor to troll & use their big motor to get places fast.

Sign in to your account to find other friends and anglers who are using Fishidy. I've stayed at bears den and key Harbour lodge and always looking to explore more. Walleye Woes is a good fast read that provides great tips on how you can catch and release effectively and other initiatives you can do to help this fish species survive in Georgian Bay.

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Couldn't have rod in the holders or the bite would be missed.

The best big yellow pickerel night time trolling is out on The French River in The Dallas Rapids area & the best time is usually around June 10 of each year. If you know how to tie a Bimini Twist you can double your line for four feet ahead of your lure & there is no stronger arrangement as it is used in heavy salt water fishing.

On the south shore, multiple clusters of boulder were installed, and each cluster was topped with granite cobble, providing ideal substrate for spawning and incubation. I’m sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious. Northern Pike with a little cleo. time to resuscitate them before releasing them.

The bay just past Key Harbour Lodge is good at night at times & just about anywhere you find shoals out around islands in the big water you will find yellow pickerel feeding at night.

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